Code Black


Supernatural atmospheres, spine-shivering melodies and intricate storylines translated into sound are just a few things that iconic producer Code Black brings to the world of Hardstyle. Not only renowned as one of the most devoted and ambitious figures when it comes to production, but this iconic Australian also showcases himself as a highly successful DJ with an all-round look and feel of a true entertainer.

Sydney born Corey Alexander Soljan, or better known on stage as Code Black lived through his childhood years with an undying passion for music; however it wasn’t until he was thirteen years old when this passion took over, resulting in him intensely focussing on crafting his own productions throughout various different musical styles. Transforming this passion into a reality, Corey spent countless days and nights perfecting his technique and finding direction in his sound until he was ready to launch himself into the public eye.

All pieces of the puzzle fit together for this audacious Aussie who will endure his quest to innovate and inspire through the realms of sound. Working diligently to become one of the leading names in Hardstyle, Code Black isn’t just a DJ and producer, but a creative and innovative musician who promises a prosperous and serious career in music.


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